We have developed genuine “plug & play” right out of the box solution to endemic and systemic problems areas. All of our projects are based on the ability for transportability and we fabricate thru a model of “Just in Time” (JIT) production at all our sites. Our (JIT) Fabrication, allowing us to control material costs, quality and react quickly to project real time requirements; allowing our building system to give accurate costing’s so that those savings are passed onto you the customer as being best value. In other words our system is AD HOC the ability to get in and out as swiftly so that the end user is able to take beneficiary occupancy to see his investment at work almost immediately or at least within the prescribed time allowance agreed with.

Our team continues to build relationships with corporate and government organizations within and outside of Asia. We are currently working on very exciting projects across multiple sectors of India.

Our Projected target is to have structures delivered to over 10 African countries by 2018. As Africa is a vast continent with great diversity and challenges; together we know we can make a difference with today technology and tomorrow sustainable solutions.

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