Founded on September 5th 2005; NATLASS specializes in transportable, applied and effective technical sustainable building solutions. Our company is the foremost leading organization in this specialized Field & Technology. The K-Span building systems, is a mobile manufacturing unit to meet the remote and isolated hard-hitting areas, either caused by civil strife and unrest, or that of months or years of unrelenting combat. Our contemporaries along with their conventional standards of building simply cannot meet the tasks at hand.


We are most proud to announce amongst many memorable achievements, from the last 10 years, that we are the first and only company to date, to have built the “Longest K-Span Building Structure” in the world, measuring a little over 650 running meter’s long and covering a just over 100 thousand square feet of carpet area. India is the host Country and proud owners of this accomplishment. This achievement was built in early March, 2013.

Project Image