At the core of NATLASS teams are dedicated professionals that drive the projects forward with one common goal unifying our approach to clear and concise communications, value for money and the desire to make a real difference. We create jobs for local people and teach new skills including teaching Team Unity of being a part of a rewarding project. The team is made up of, expatriate, Indian, other third country nationals and naturally within every country visited we handpicked indigenous peoples to that individual country that we happened to be presently working from.

The NATLASS team has been spread across certain areas of the globe throughout its 10 year tenure, to include Ethiopia, Afghanistan, UAE, India, and Djibouti and is currently in Asia and in the United States. Owing to the readiness and mobility of our Building System, we are able to perform freely and easily at a moment’s notice. 95 % of our work is based on “Good Logistics”, along with forward thinking and an ability to plan and execute has been the hallmark of our success, to date.

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