Why Choose Us


The NATLASS TEAM never breaks from improving on their last or latest accomplishment. We strongly believe that we are our worst critic. We review, analyze and evolve continuously, keeping current with the marketplace demands, with a proven methodology and track record demands an ever greater responsibility to our clients.


Our work ethic and drive are results from earning respect from our peers, keeping deadlines and commitments is and always our collective focus, we are not too successful or too important that we have forgotten the customer, our goal is our customer satisfaction, your satisfaction translates into building more to meet the needs of our customers in the marketplaces they are in.


No matter the location, the country the requirement, we are ready and able; we have the capacity and the capability to ensure a smooth transition from conception to reality of your desired design. Let our experience work for you, we are project focused and orientated to meet your unique requirement under an array of customized demands; our experience comes from years of extreme expectations under tough and mostly dangerous and unforgiving environments we understand what needs to happen to make it happen… “One Span at a Time”

Who We Are?

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Founded on September 5th 2005; NATLASS specializes in transportable, applied and effective technical sustainable building solutions. Our company is the foremost leading organization in this specialized Field & Technology. The K-Span building systems, is a mobile manufacturing unit to meet the remote and isolated hard-hitting areas, either caused by civil strife and unrest, or that of months or years of unrelenting combat. Our contemporaries along with their conventional standards of building simply cannot meet the tasks at hand.

We are most proud to announce amongst many memorable achievements, from the last 10 years, that we are the first and only company to date, to have built the “Longest K-Span Building Structure” in the world, measuring a little over 650 running meter’s long and covering a just over 100 thousand square feet of carpet area. India is the host Country and proud owners of this accomplishment. This achievement was built in early March, 2013.

There are many imitators out there but there is only one NATLASS, come to the subject matter experts in the field of K-Span sustainable building systems; where our experience meets your expectations!